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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Deadpool's ingenious trap for Venom...

...or 'What's up with the Thunderbolts at the moment'...

Having been neglecting my boy Wade Wilson's team book a little lately, I got caught up on Thunderbolts last night, and it was another strong issue in writer Charles Soule's solid run.

Individual team members have been getting to choose the T-Bolts' missions lately and in Thunderbolts #23 it was Deadpool's turn.

However, as Wade began to detail the wacked-out job he had in mind (which would kick off with the team kidnapping Ryan Reynolds), Agent Venom requested his turn (as he was about to leave the team), and Deadpool let him have it...

Concerned that the Venom symbiote might one day take him over, Flash Thompson wanted to prove to himself that it could be taken down. So Flash let the symbiote take the controls, and while most of his team-mates worked out scientifically feasible ways to stop Venom, based on its vulnerabilities--Deadpool had the idea of using a magic marker to make his own costume look like Spidey's and propping this up to use as bait for Venom - with the intention of dropping a jet plane on it.

Charles Soule writes good Deadpool and it's not the first time he's riffed on the similarities between the Merc with a Mouth and Spider-Man; this from an earlier issue...

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Thunderbolts has been a joy since the much-in demand Soule came on board, and with his departure imminent (presumably because he's currently on the hot list), writers Ben Acker & Ben Blacker (!?)--who worked on the last Deadpool and T-Bolts annuals--have big shoes to fill when they come on board with Thunderbolts #27. Though their debut arc looks promising...

You can check out Acker & Blacker talking to Comic Book Resources about their plans for Thunderbolts here.

Meanwhile, here's a Preview of next week's Thunderbolts #24:

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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Deadpool #27 Preview - The Wedding!

[UPDATED 4.9.14]

Less than a week to go to the wedding of the century - when (all being well) Wade Wilson, the Merc with a Mouth, will be tying the knot with Shiklah, Queen of the Undead!

Here's the Preview!

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You can check out a brief no-spoilers Deadpool #27 Review at Comic Vine here. And you can find more on Deadpool's wedding here!

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Free Comic Book Day - The Almighties Recharged Reloaded Reduxed!


"Get your coat, Evil - you're ^%£*ed!"

If you're not familiar with The Almighties, the comedy super-team I co-created with Mike Gagnon, Free Comic Book Day is your chance to jump into The Almighties universe! The free digital comic collects Almighties Origins, Ms. F vs. Mr. Wang and more - and you can get your copy by joining the Event Page on Facebook.

But if you can't wait 'til Free Comic Book day for Almighties action, you can get free Almighties Origins and The Almighties #1 at now!

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Monday, 24 March 2014

Deadpool #26 Preview

Deadpool vs. time-travelling Hitler - to save Nick Fury!

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And if you didn't catch my Deadpool #25.NOW! Review you can find it here!

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Original Sin: Deadpool

[UPDATED 3.22.14:]

Marvel's latest teaser for their next big event - Original Sin - spotlights the Merc with a Mouth...

...and following 'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly,' we're set for more revelations on Wade Wilson's murky past; here's the solicitation for Deadpool #29:

Nobody knows the full story of Deadpool’s origin, or what happened to his family – even Wade himself. Manipulated at the hands of Butler and the brutal Weapon Plus program, Wade Wilson was transformed into the indestructible killing machine known as Deadpool.

But there is more to the story. Before being fully indoctrinated by Butler’s offshoot of Weapon Plus once and for all, all ties to Wade’s past had to be severed. Now, thanks to the energies of The Watcher’s all-seeing eyes, S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents Adsit and Preston have uncovered the terrible secret of Deadpool’s family. And the shocking truth about their fate will shake you to your core!

You can find an interview with Deadpool co-writer Gerry Duggan talking to Comic Book Resources about Wade Wilson's Original Sin tie-in here.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Deadpool #25.NOW Review

Deadpool gets the All-New Marvel NOW! jump-on treatment with his 25th issue; but that treatment is executed in a skewed style that only the Merc with a Mouth could. While this is a jump-on issue in that it establishes a new status quo for Wade Wilson, what it is more than that is the culmination of everything Marvel NOW! Deadpool writers Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan have been doing with the book since the start of their run.

The bulk of the issue is given over to a two-act battle between Deadpool and Crossbones, Crossbones having gone after Wade in the hopes of claiming the bounty corrupt S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Gorman put on his head. Gorman pulled this after stiffing Deadpool on a bill for taking down the zombified dead presidents in the series' first arc, resulting in Wade going gunning for him.

Stacking up this issue - and, indeed, this story arc - against the 'Dead Presidents' arc, this is a different book - but one that has evolved beautifully from its origins. 'Dead Presidents' was very much the 'Bugs Bunny Deadpool,' the unkillable wackadoodle, tossing wisecracks around at the same rate as he dished out cartoon violence. Delivering on their promise that things would get dark, what Posehn and Duggan are doing with Deadpool carries that aspect of Deadpool's persona firmly through, but brings back the dark, damaged side to him, revealing the depth and vulnerability the character houses, despite his physical invulnerability.

Deadpool was put through hell in North Korea during 'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly' arc, in which he discovered that the Weapon Plus program responsible for his cancer-beating super-charged healing factor had messed with him worse than he ever knew; that he has a daughter - missing (if alive) - and Weapon Plus were responsible for the death of her mother; a woman whom - thanks to the Program screwing with Wade's head - he has no memory of.

Still processing the events of 'The Good, The Bad...' Deadpool begins this issue mentally in a very bad place - but while battling Crossbones (with a very brief comedic cameo from Sabretooth), he's inadvertently given some hope, and re-asserts the one thing he can firmly cling to about himself, going forward: that the Merc with a Mouth is a badass.

Though the battle is the centerpiece of the issue, through the story's course, all loose ends regarding Wade's new friends and enemies - going right back to 'Dead Presidents' - get tied up, and Deadpool says goodbye to... well, everyone... and leaves on a jetplane.

We're then treated to an epilogue that sets up the already-running digital Deadpool: The Gauntlet series - wherein we meet Deadpool's would-be future bride - bringing that into continuity with the main book; and we're all set for Posehn & Duggan, aided by their strong rotating art team, to bring us Wade Wilson's next chapter...

Friday, 7 March 2014

Deadpool #25.NOW! Preview

Deadpool is enjoying a renaissance under writers Brian Posehn & Gerry Duggan, with a great art team, headed by Mike Hawthorne. Deadpool gets the All-New Marvel NOW! treatment with next week's Deadpool #25 - and in typical Merc with a Mouth fashion, his 'jump-on' issue comes at the end of his current story arc!

To bring you up to speed, Wade Wilson is out to get revenge on former S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Gorman for stiffing him on a bill. Gorman used the money to put a price on Deadpool's head; Crossbones came gunning for Wade, but was dispatched - tied to a hot air balloon.

Crossbones then escaped this and has now tracked Deadpool down...

Oh yeah, and wackadoodle Wade now has a new voice in his head.

Here's the Preview!

(Right-click on images and 'Open in New Tab' to enlarge)

In the run-up to the landmark Deadpool #27 ('the most important twenty-seventh issue of a series ever!') - in which Wade will be tying the knot, I'll be reviewing every issue of Deadpool right here on the day it comes out. So join me back here on Wednesday for my Deadpool #25 review, and RSVP to Wade's wedding on Facebook here! ;)